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ICTU Meets the IMF – Social Partnership Goes Global?

25 Nov

So the hush puppy leaders  of ICTU met with with Chopra the Chopper and his IMF pals today. Perhaps the Beards and the Bond Junkies sipped  fine port together by the fireside of the five star Merrion Hotel where Chopra and the EU wonks are ensconced.

Clash of the Titans – The Markets Await

The ICTU heads are seasoned in the theatre of ‘talks’ and excel in the staging of all-night negotiations with a much-awaited but predictable denouement. Perhaps the Chopper was treated to an opening scene with a hammy act of  outrage from business award winner Jack  O’Connor.

Next comes the fear and loathing, as IMPACT-less Shay Cody surely got a cameo and re-enactment of a Joe Higgins style walkout in protest at the secrecy of the discussions.

Begg-ing for Austerity - How to Squeeze Workers by the Cojones

In the final act, Begg-the-Braveheart lead the troops in a spectacular rout of Chopra the Chopper and his demoralised henchmen. Cut to the credits as the workers celebrated the burning of bondholders and the execution of savage bankers.

Not likely. Continue reading


IMPACT Boss Boasts About Cutting Pensions for New Employees

24 Nov

How many union members have you screwed today Shameless?

Over the last few weeks we at the KPSWA have tried to expose the unprecedented betrayal by Irish trade union officials of their members and the Irish people in general. Nothing however prepared us for the duplicity revealed in a recent letter from IMPACT General Secretary Shay Cody to all Dáil Deputies about the Croke Park agreement. Continue reading

Fake Outrage and Trade Union Complicity in the Assault on Irish Workers

6 Nov

Central-Banker-Turned-Anguished-Professor Begg

So we now hear that the Irish Congress of Trade Unions is to “stage” a protest against budget cuts in Dublin on November 27. For anyone keeping an eye on the unions’ shenanigans the word “stage” is quite appropriate – perhaps “stage-manage” would be even better. For these same union leaders have worked hand-in-hand with the current government in the greatest assault on Irish workers since the great lock-out of 1913. While that conflict paved the way for the 1916 rising, we can be quite sure that our current leaders and their cronies will do everything in their power to ensure that as little as possible changes this time round. Continue reading

SIPTU President nearly loses it on Tonight with Vincent Browne

1 Jun

The President of Ireland’s biggest Trade Union, SIPTU, nearly lost it on Tonight with Vincent Browne last night. He was being questioned about his complete cave-in on the Croke Park proposals, having been on the same show six months earlier threatening strike action unless the government reversed the public sector pay cuts.

Obviously not used to being questioned in such a direct manner, Jack O’Connor huffed and puffed and nearly threw the microphone off in righteous indignation that someone would see through his fighting rhetoric as mere posturing.

See the opening ten minutes of the show at:

Tonight with Vincent Browne

or watch the excerpt on youtube: