The Phoney Progaganda of IBEC

31 Jan

A Wikileaks like tide of transparency is emerging at the Irish Business and Employers Confederation (IBEC).

A whistle blower has emerged from within this heretofore secretive organisation.

Richard More O’Ferrall is a former press officer at IBEC and he has revealed the truly vacuous nature of IBEC propaganda.

In a recent letter to the Irish Times he said that “as a former Ibec press officer, it never ceases to amaze me how the Irish media gleefully regurgitates Ibec’s evidence-less arguments that are offered up every time a Government tries to introduce progressive legislation with which Ibec does not agree”.

Danny McCoy: An Apocalypse Looms

He specifically cited the recent demand by IBEC for an immediate deferral of the Climate Change Bill and their exaggerated claims that it would “cost jobs, raise energy prices and stifle recovery”.

A further piece by John Downes in the Sunday Tribune is even more damning of the black arts practiced at IBEC.


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