TUI Leadership Prepares to Sell Out Its Membership

16 Dec

TUI General Secretary Peter McMenamin: One last sell-out before retirement?

Word is now coming out about the demands being made by the Department of Education and Science on the Teachers’ Union of Ireland in the Croke Park “talks”. For lecturers in the Institutes of Technology the new contract would include:

  • Summer break to be significantly reduced.
  • Full maximum  560(Lecturer), 630(Assistant Lecturer) hours to be delivered annually.
  • 1 extra hour per week teaching or other duties to be in addition to 560/630 annual hours.
  • All night weighting to be abolished.
  • All hours credit for course co-ordination to be abolished.
  • Credit to be allowed for post-graduate supervision only as part of annual 560 hrs at a rate to be negotiated.
  • Post-graduate supervision to be continuously delivered on a 12 month basis.

The fact that such changes are even being entertained is a direct result of the scandalous betrayal and complicity of the TUI leadership. Over the last six months, the TUI leadership has focused entirely on trying to reverse the vote in the TUI against the Croke Park Agreement. Their desperation not to be out in the cold when the rest of the traitors are in talking with the government blinds them to the situation where the workers and poor of this country are expected go back to 19th century conditions in order to bail out swindlers and speculators at home and abroad.

The fact that the IMF and the European Central Bank did not find the Croke Park Agreement an obstacle to their financial coup d’état says all about the nature of that particular sell-out. The General Secretary and full time officials of the TUI should feel a real sense of shame at IMF/EU stitch up of the country which is being passed off as a rescue deal.   This scenario could have been prevented if our union leaderships followed the instructions of their members and actively opposed the bank bailouts and NAMA.

TUI President Bernie Ruane: House Militant, Street Lamb

The Teachers’ Union of Ireland voted at Annual Congress in 2009 and 2010 to organise a mass national campaign against the bank bailout yet TUI head office refused to act on Congress instructions.  Instead of representing the decisions of Congress and the interests of their members it has been business as usual for the union leadership right up to the IMF/EU takeover and since.

Neither the massive transfer of wealth to bail out failed bust banks nor the deception and outright lies used to pour money into Anglo and the NAMA project has moved the TUI leadership to action.  It would appear they are quite content to see real suffering inflicted on their members and to stand idly by while our public services are decimated. The massive restructuring and cuts which will be demanded by the IMF will be borne by ordinary people through impoverishment and the destruction of essential services.

We need to organize action committees in our centres, schools and colleges – open to all who want to fight the cuts. These committees would involve members from all the unions in the workplaces as well as service users where appropriate. They could co operate on a citywide and regional basis and lay the basis for a national network of workers resisting the cuts and IMF/EU takeover. This is urgently needed.

We also need networks in our unions to ensure union policy is implemented. In this way we can take back our unions, stop the ruinous policies of the union head office officials and expose their collusion with the Government. The collusion of the unions, including the TUI leadership, allows the financial bailout and programme of austerity to continue, even though it is failing to produce a recovery and ensuring the bankruptcy of the state.


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