On the ICTU Protest March, November 27th

25 Nov


What the hell do we do now?

The ICTU protest march on Saturday will be an interesting spectacle and one that all KPSWA members are encouraged to attend. Despite being called by the unions, the grave nature of the national situation has led to a wide spectrum of people urging broad participation. From Fintan O’Toole in the Irish Times to Fergus Finlay in the charity community to Jim Corr in the conspiracy community, a  host of commentators and activists are urging the Irish people to finally stand up for themselves.

That is, if the march is not called off by the same lily-livered union officials who disgracefully called off the national strike last March before being royally shafted by the government two weeks later.

Of course, with the banking catastrophe, the political crisis engulfing the country and the most right-wing budget of all time, the stakes are considerably higher now. But there are also lots of excuses: attacks on Fianna Fail offices, egg and cheese vigilantes splattering ministerial cars, cement trucks ramming the gates of the Dáil, red paint pourers ready to ruin the best dresses…. After all, even Fianna Fáil is having to cancel its annual knees up in the Burlington Hotel for fear of being “sitting ducks” on the night of the protest.

Not that ICTU hasn’t thought of all this. Ever the worriers, the timing and route of the protest is carefully designed to ensure that it all passes off very ineffectually. Starting the march at 12 noon, Begg and Co. can only hope those éirígí -1%-SWP-Right-to-Work rabble-rousers haven’t made it out of bed by then and will sleep through the revolution.

And then the route – what can you say? From Wood Quay onto the quays, along the Liffey and up to the GPO – not a government office nor a bank in sight, nothing that might raise the protesters’ hackles. It is a modern reworking of the Joycean puzzle to cross Dublin without passing a pub. One can only imagine the fretful hours spent by the hapless saps in ICTU poring over Google maps to get the most futile route possible.

Of course, like government ministers and their extra security details, should ICTU’s anesthetics fail to work, they’ll have their own trained goons on hand to help police the march.

Perhaps we are getting this all wrong. Perhaps it’s the fascist backlash that David Begg fears so much, and the goons are there to protect the marchers from the rabid hordes of IBEC, ISME and the Irish Independent that are likely to descend on the protest.

On second thoughts, no. Given its disgraceful behaviour over the last decade, it is their own union members that ICTU has most to fear.


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