IMPACT Boss Boasts About Cutting Pensions for New Employees

24 Nov

How many union members have you screwed today Shameless?

Over the last few weeks we at the KPSWA have tried to expose the unprecedented betrayal by Irish trade union officials of their members and the Irish people in general. Nothing however prepared us for the duplicity revealed in a recent letter from IMPACT General Secretary Shay Cody to all Dáil Deputies about the Croke Park agreement.

In the letter, which we are making available here, Calamity Cody, who is also Chair of the ICTU Public Services Committee, boasts how he has “personally pressed management very hard to ensure that the agreement is implemented” and that his “big ticket” achievements to date have included:

  • The pay cuts of 2009 and 2010
  • Staff reductions of over 11,000 in the last 18 months with more to come
  • The newly-announced scheme to reduce health staff numbers by 5,000 through voluntary redundancies
  • The abolition of 25 agencies, with more to come
  • A halving in the number of VECs
  • The introduction of new pension arrangements for new recruits to the public service
  • The implementation of other changes put forward in sectoral action plans, which will collectively result in very significant changes.

The “new pension arrangement” he boasts of is the slashing of the pensions of his own future members and those of other unions in the public sector. These same members, of course, happen to pay his salary and pension, and yet he sees it as his job to reduce theirs, while assisting in the wholesale destruction of their working conditions.

Whether it is abject cowardice or something even more malignant that drives such duplicity is hard to work out. His predecessor and chief architect of the Croke Park deal, Peter McLoone has well-known Fianna Fáil connections, for all the good they’ll do him these days.

We’ve documented the corruption of the unions as it emerged in the SIPTU/HSE gravy-train scandal, in the forced amalgamation of VECs and the slashing of staff numbers in the health services. Indeed, we predict that the wholesale sell-out that is the Croke Park agreement means that there is no way it will be reneged upon under any IMF deal – why would they, when, as is clear from this letter, they have the union leadership actively working to undermine the workforce?

Next Saturday we will have the nauseating spectacle of Collaborator Cody on the stand at the ICTU protest march, probably bleating about a fairer way. There certainly is – and it does not include traitors like him.


2 Responses to “IMPACT Boss Boasts About Cutting Pensions for New Employees”

  1. Poc ar Bhuille November 28, 2010 at 8:57 pm #

    Note that the effort to remove 5,000 workers from the HSE payroll has not succeeded. Only about 3,500 have applied for the scheme, and given current events, it’s likely that many of these will not press ahead. However, Mr Cody’s letter finishes by saying that all these cuts take place without a reduction in front line services. Has Ryanair arrived in the HSE then? Please supply the bandages for your own operation and follow the picture in the manual under your pillow. Experiecing severe pain or blood loss? Call our tolled help line…..


  1. IMPACT Bites Back – Against Its Own Members, That Is « Kerry Public Service Workers' Alliance - December 16, 2010

    […] exposé of IMPACT boss Shay Cody’s shameless boasting to TD’s about how much he had managed to shaft […]

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