Will the IMF Scrap the Croke Park Deal?

21 Nov

UPDATE 29 November: As predicted by the KPSWA on 21 November, the IMF has confirmed that it will keep the Croke Park deal. The reasons for this are set out in this post below.

What will Ajai ‘The Chopper’ Chopra and the IMF mandarins really make of the Croke Park Deal?

The Propaganda Pump

This weekend, the Irish Independent ran the regular fascism-on-Friday piece – a no sources exclusive that the IMF will slash public service wages, impose mass redundancies…and have weekly floggings of teachers, nurses and gardai!

Brendan Keenan’s prediction for the IMF plan is probably as well informed as his analysis of the bank guarantee back in 2008 when he scoffed at Morgan Kelly’s predictions. Keenan backed the blanket bank guarantee and declared ‘we know what the Irish banks bad loans are going to be, they’re going to be 1% of their loan books’!

Investigative Journalism: Brendan Keenan Pockets a Press Release from the Master Banker

Another Irish Indo ‘investigation’ by Ann Marie Walsh has revealed that ‘there is little evidence the Government is making any progress on its promised “transformation” of our state sector’.  Ah, the cutting edge of quality journalism…in fact the piece is little more than a glance at the action plans for education and health that are already available on the websites of the government departments.

The Truth about the Croke Park Massacre

This stuff passes for analysis in the media but how will the EU/IMF actually run the numbers? Well, they firstly want to unravel the rotten Irish Banks who owe the European Central Bank €165 billion in short term loans. Then they want to pile a loan of up to €100 billion on top of our existing debt mountain. Our ability to repay this over future budgets will then be assessed.

The government’s enthusiasm to burn the economy by €6 billion next year will probably be approved by the IMF austerity junkies. In fact, TV3 has already revealed much of the content of the vaunted four year plan and claims that the IMF is set to approve it – including the Croke Park deal.

So how come the IMF may be impressed by the Croke Park deal? The government and the trade union leadership already well understand how it will be used to cull public servants and destroy their working conditions. A four year ban on any staff recruitment and an open ended provision for redeployment are potent weapons of destruction as there is no limit for the potential reduction in public service posts.

Remember that when Colm McCarthy published the An Bord Snip proposals he set an audacious target to cut 17,300 public servants.  In fact, the government (with shameful trade union collaboration) is well ahead and 11,000 jobs have already been cut over the last 18 months.

Add in the 3,600 now going from the HSE and take a conservative estimate of 8,000 retirements from the public service in 2011 to give a total reduction of 22,600 that will be reached by the end of next year. It is the only policy area where the government is way ahead of target and it surely exceeds the wildest dreams of any of the ‘shred the public service’ ideologues.

With the union leaders on board Croke Park until 2014, the slashing of 40,000 jobs could even be achieved. Those left behind in the public service face extensive redeployment and additional work to fill the gaping hole.

Irish Union Leaders Embrace the IMF

ICTU – Peaceful Collaboration with IMF

When EU Commissioner Olli Rehn recently met ICTU’s Jack O’Connor (Business Award Winner), David Begg and Shay Cody, he must have wondered if he had stumbled into the wrong room. They boasted that a 14% average pay cut had already been achieved with no resistance. Cody pointed to the mass protests to the cuts in the UK and pointed out that ICTU has silenced the union membership here with no strikes or protests. In a later interview on RTE, Bring-on the-Cuts Cody proclaimed that ‘trade unionists and workers in the public service will have to co-operate with the downsizing of cost right across the public service’.

French Workers at the Barricades

There is no other EU country where the union leaders will enthusiastically participate in the hacking of public services. The arrival of the IMF to other states was greeted by mass protests and strikes. Here, the IMF entry has not even prompted a single press release on the website of any of the trade unions. In fact, the ICTU leadership has indicated that they will meet with the IMF delegation. The Chopper Chopra will surely be astounded to meet union leaders that are such willing advocates of austerity.


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