FG Deputy Jimmy Deenihan Backs Plan to Decimate Kerry Public Services

11 Nov


I'll see your 20,000 and raise you 10,000

The recently published Fine Gael plan ‘Reinventing Government’ sets out how Kerry North Fine Gael Deputy Jimmy Deenihan and his front bench colleagues intend to slash public services if elected to power.

It reveals that Fine Gael’s priority is the decimation of local public services including:

  • Surrendering the public health service (including Kerry General Hospital) to private insurance companies.

  • Job losses of 30,000 in the public sector nationally with a 10% cut in all public services (with one-third to come from the health service). This would result in at least 900 redundancies in Kerry public services including the local health service, gardai, schools, Institute of Technology, VECs, local authorities and government departments.

  • Move of public services away from Kerry and their centralisation to Dublin and to the other large population centres. Fine Gael has given a commitment that it “will go beyond the recommendations of An Bord Snip to rationalise core processes” (Reinventing Government, page 11, Fine Gael, November 7, 2010).

Speaking on the Tonight With Vincent Browne programme in June 2010, Deputy Deenihan boasted that Fine Gael would achieve much deeper savings in public services than the present Fianna Fail/Green government. Until now, Deputy Deenihan was shy about where his cuts would fall in Kerry but the ‘Reinventing Government’ proposal explains how Fine Gael intends to make bigger service cuts than Fianna Fail.

Martin O’Grady (KPSWA spokesperson) said that “it is now clear that Deputy Deenihan supports public service cuts that are even worse than those proposed by the discredited Fianna Fail government. Any previous claims by Deenihan that he is opposed to cuts in local services are now exposed as fake posturing. Fine Gael wishes to place the complete burden of rebalancing the budget upon the cutting services and has not made a single proposal to increase the tax base so as to fund public services. Deenihan and Fine Gael are as determined as the present government to protect the wealthy while destroying the livelihoods of ordinary citizens”.


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