Notes on Meetings With Opposition Politicians 3: Deputy Martin Ferris (SF)

11 Feb
On Tuesday February 9th a deputation from the Kerry Public Service Workers Alliance met with Deputy Martin Ferris (SF) and Toireasa Ferris, SF representative on Kerry Co Co. The depuation, including members of the TUI, SIPTU, and the PSEU, explained the implacable opposition of public sector workers to the extremely unfair policies of the present government based on seeking to solve the national financial  problems by cutting the pay of  public servants so as to avoid introducing an equitable taxation system because that would require sacrafices from the wealthy elite who control the Fianna Fail party.
The deputation thanked Deputy Ferris for his and his party’s support for public sector workers and opposition to government policy and stated that the Kerry Public Service Workers Alliance will, not only be mounting a highly organised and determined campaign in Kerry to ensure that public sector votes in the next election will only go to parties that are uniquivocal in their committments to reverse all the pay cuts and introduce a fair taxation system, but will campaign to ensure that this happens on a countrywide basis.
It was made clear that the plan of the KPSWA is to ensure that the entire national trade union network is used to change the face of Irish politics to break the stranglehold of the elite on power and place it in the hands of those who truly represent the interests of the vast majority of the citizens of Ireland. The deputation also emphasised that the KPSWA are determined to ensure that the escalating progamme of industrial action  being mounted across all public sector unions will be ramped up to whatever level is need to ensure reversal of all the pay cuts puiblic servants have endured.
Deputy Ferris assured the deputaton of the full support of himself and the Sinn Fein party for the objectives of the KPSWA and offered to do all in his power to assist. He pointed out that the future of Ireland depended on a fundamental shift of power in Irish politics from the right to the left, away from the hands of those who have taken us to where we are now and into the hands of those who represent the ordinary people.
He said that it is a priority for Sinn Fein to protect the less well paid and those dependent on social welfare and he recognised that a large proportion of public servants are not big earners but it is the big earners that the present government are determined to protect while punishing the less well off. He also voiced his support for the industrial action being taken by public servants and stated that only through effective trade unions can workers rights ever be protected.

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