Notes on Meetings With Opposition Politicians 2: Deputy Tom Sheahan (FG)

11 Feb

On Monday February 8th representatives of the KPSWA met with Tom Sheahan, Fine Gael TD for Kerry South. Representatives from IMPACT, TUI, PSEU and the GRA outlined the objectives of the KPSWA and the severe impact of the pay cuts on public workers in Kerry. The fact that the majority of public workers in the county are low paid was discussed. The size of the public service in Kerry and its importance for the local economy was highlighted.

Deputy Sheahan noted that the work to rule by public servants was disrupting his constituency work as parliamentary questions and other queries were no longer prioritised in the government departments.

The KPSWA expressed dissatisfaction with Fine Gael’s lack of opposition to public pay cuts and expressed the view that the party had provided cover for the Fianna Fail agenda. The alternative of fair taxation was discussed.

Deputy Sheahan agreed to discuss the issues raised with Deputy Richard Bruton (Finance Spokesman) and to revert to the KPSWA.


One Response to “Notes on Meetings With Opposition Politicians 2: Deputy Tom Sheahan (FG)”

  1. Bernard March 4, 2010 at 5:15 pm #

    Tom Sheahan may as wel talk to himself as Richard Bruton, theywere all for pay cuts in public sector

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