Dublin City Council Expresses Solidarity with Council Workers Work to Rule

10 Feb

At its monthly meeting last night Dublin City Council expressed its solidarity with Council workers involved in industrial action against wage cuts.

The motion proposed by People Before Profit Councillors Brid Smith and Joan Collins said

“This council expresses its solidarity with the workers of DCC engaging in a work to rule starting on 25 January. The aim of the work to rule is to reverse the 17% average pay cut implemented in 2009. The pay cut and the current embargo on recruitment mean that DCC workers are currently working harder for less.

Public sector workers are being unfairly singled out to foot the cost of bailing out the banks. Every cent of the €4 billion savings in Budget 2009 has been poured into the banks. We pledge our full support to the workers of the Council in their work to rule and any ensuing strike action and recognise that any reduction in service from DCC staff is the fault of the current FF/Green Government.”

The motion was passed by 23 to 4. Only Fianna Fail councillors voted against.

Councillor Brid Smith said
“This vote shows there is widespread support for the action being taken by Council workers. Nobody can accept that those who provide essential services to the public should have their pay cut while those who created the economic mess get off scott free.

It is impossible for the Council to provide services to the public when budgets are being slashed and the workforce is being undermined and demoralised by pay cuts, pension levies and constant attacks by a government determined to divide public and private sector workers.”

The People Before Profit Alliance is fully committed to supporting workers in their fight against cuts in pay and services.


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