Notes on Meeting of 17/12/09

18 Dec

The meeting, which was attended by representatives of the following public service unions and associations: CPSU, GRA, IMPACT, INTO, PNA, PSEU, SIPTU, TUI and UNITE, resolved to organise resistence to attacks on the public services by:

  • mobilizing the membership within each organisation to fight the cuts
  • coordinating actions between trade unions in the Kerry area
  • encouraging similar organising across the country to build a united national alliance to defend the public service
  • countering the anti-public service propaganda by highlighting the vital role we play in Irish society

In order to pursue these objectives, each organisation nominated a representative to the KPSWA, which will meet again before christmas to draw up a specific plan of action.  This will be communicated to all public service workers in Kerry with a view to launching the campaign in January.

As a first step, it was agreed to urge public service employees and their supporters to stop buying the Irish Independent and the Sunday Independent on account of their extremely biased anti-public sector journalism.  All representatives are asked to convey this message to their membership locally.

Members of other unions not currently represented on KPSWA are encouraged to contact Martin O’Grady at


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