Five Things YOU Can Do – NOW!

15 Dec

1. Contact Your Local Elected Representatives:

Let them know how the cuts will affect you, your family and the local economy.

Tom McEllistrim – 086 1733487 –

John O’Donoghue – 087 2466782 –

Jackie Healy Rae – 064 32468 –

2. Demand Your Trade Union Take Action:

The trade unions’ nationally are totally out of touch. Contact your local elected representative, or elect a new representative. Have a branch meeting called. Make sure that the paid union officials understand the anger that has been caused by these attacks on the public service. Pass motions demanding leadership from the unions’ nationally. Join us at the KPSWA to coordinate actions between union members in Kerry or start your own local initiative.

3. Boycott Media Hostile to the Public Service:

There has been an orchestrated campaign of vilification of the public sector waged by Irish media for the past six months – Independent News and Media being at the forefront. Do not buy any of these products and encourage others to do the same.

4. Support Other Workers:

The public sector is just the most recent victim of a trenchant free-market ideology that has gripped our national political elite.  Community care workers, charities, semi-state and private sector workers are all current or future targets for the driving down of wages and a return to the good old days of obscene profits for those at the top of the Irish pyramid.  Show solidarity with your fellow workers, do not fall for the selective targeting of other groups.  This strategy is being used to devastating effect by those in power and is putting huge stress on our society.

5. Demand That Those Responsible For The Economic Collapse Pay The Price:

The current government is set on extracting as much as possible from the Irish public to bail out the bankers and developers who have driven our country into the ground.  They are leaving a legacy of debt and destruction that will haunt generations of Irish people.  We must ensure that they not succeed in passing on this legacy and are made to pay the price for their disastrous policies.


One Response to “Five Things YOU Can Do – NOW!”

  1. Una Moynihan December 17, 2009 at 12:31 pm #

    Three suggestions for a more harmonious future

    1. Any reform of the public sector should be preceded by reform of the political system. This is required to reduce the levels of clientism that serves to corrupt due process in policy making, by facilitating over representation of individuals and groups with strong networks to political entities.
    Recent images from the Dail with 10-12 members debating the financial future of 350,000 public servants reflects the lack of priority that national issues take over local/vested interest issues, while TDs are ‘working’ with their consituents – to optimise their chance of re-election. True leadership is required. Sort out political reform FIRST!

    2. An alternative to the pay cuts – this would involve an obligatory purchase of bonds by workers in the public sector (a share purchase in the state as it were). This money would have a guarantee of 90-100% (TBD) with the potential for a dividend payment after 8-10 years (TBD) upon the delivery of MEANINGFUL and NEGOTIATED improvements to service delivery without compromisng the work-life balance of workers. This mechanism would allow workers to take a meaningful stake in the well being of the nation and its services. The government would borrow from people who have a meaningful stake in Irish society instead of international bond merchants.

    3. Politicians and members of the media should familiarise themselves with other aspects of performance evaluation; effectivness (longer life expectancy via the health sector, higher levels of educational attainment/school completion via the ducation sector, expanded recycling standards via the local authority sector etc.) economy; increased VFM standards; equity – improved inclusion in schools, learning support at all levels of the education sector, employment of people with disabilities in public sector organisations, etc. Lets deal in facts rather than ideologically driven retoric.

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