Recent Text Discussion with Green TD Paul Gogarty

14 Dec

KPSWA: Green party helping turn irish gov into enron – hiding bank bailout cost in separate account. Get out now before you do even more damage to the green movement
Paul Gogarty: Forget the green movement. Its about the country now.
KPSWA: Or is it “forget our mandate. Its about keeping Fianna Fail in power and the Bankers happy”?
PG: My mandate is to the people, not sectoral interests. Nobody bought me so I am free to speak my mind.
KPSWA: Fine sentiments, no doubt, but utterly delusional. By propping up FF you are supporting developers, bankers and the rich. Get out now and you may salvage something.
PG: The Green Party is in Govt to implement GP policy. New pfg includes Education policy, end to corporate donations and electoral transform, we got level of SW cuts reduced but GP supports the need for them. Otherwise, nice populist way to go to country
KPSWA: Pfg is window-dressing while the house is being burgled. Is it also GP policy to destroy the public service? The GP is electorally dead – face up to the catastrophe of getting into bed with FF.
PG: We are. We are dead. But will try and help the country before we are buried.
PG: With a clean conscience. Thanks for your blessing.


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