Local Public Sector Workers and supporters are meeting to organize resistance to massive pay cuts

10 Dec

Date: Thursday 10th December

Time: 8:00 pm

Location: Grand Hotel Tralee

Government Targets Public Sector Workers for A HUGE Wage Drop:

  • A pay cut of 5-10% in the recent Budget.
  • A pay cut of 7% (pension levy) was already imposed in March (€1.3 billion deducted).
  • A pay freeze enforced since 2008.
  • An overall pay cut of 14% within a 9 month period (in addition to all levies).
  • Government has announced that it will cut public pay again in 2010 and 2011 Budget.
  • Pay cuts will shrink the incomes of those who retire in 2010 and onward.
  • Government wants every public worker to suffer a massive income drop for the rest of their lives.
  • It’s time to counter the anti-public sector propaganda of the Government.
  • Join in a united protest and a determined and organised campaign against the cuts.
  • Show how there is a better alternative to solving the economic crisis – Fair Taxation.
  • Show our TDs how important the public service is in Kerry and how these wage cuts will decimate the local economy.
  • A 7% pay cut is the equivalent in one year alone of more than 28 days of action.
  • The cut will be for every year of salary and then of pension
  • There will be much more cuts to come if we remain silent.

Kerry Public Sector unions, including TUI, INTO, ASTI, SIPTU, IMPACT, INO, PNA, PSEU, CPSU and others, must NOW rally together

For further information contact Martin O’Grady, Branch Chair, TUI (IT Tralee).

E-Mail: tui@ittralee.ie


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